Black Friday Savings with Frank and Oak

Butter your Black Friday savings with Frank and Oak.

Admit it, on more than one occasion you’ve looked at your wardrobe and wished someone would just lay out your clothes for you. Well sometimes wishes come true, and this one is definitely possible. Frank and Oak have recently started its Style Plan, a unique type of subscription that allows you to receive a box of clothing sent to your home each month. The clothing is selected by a professional stylist that caters the wardrobe to your style, occasion, or personality.

The reason we classify it as a unique kind of subscription is that there’s really no obligation. You only get charged once the items are shipped and can return any unwanted articles of clothing for a full refund. So you get to feel like a celebrity once a month while you try on variations of styles sent by a professional stylist.

Save on this Special Offer with Butter

Black Friday is coming and Butter wants you to get in on the savings. So from now till November 30th, get $15 off your first Frank and Oak Style Plan box. Even better, you don’t pay the $25 stylist fee. That’s a $40 savings just for adding your subscription to Butter.

You don’t have to wait. Go to and sign up now. Start your Black Friday savings today!

How the right credit card and “double dipping rewards” can help you save big

You don’t have to be a personal finance guru or diligent coupon cutter to save a considerable chunk of change on your everyday expenses and routine bills.

With the right credit card, a little prudence and by taking advantage of what is known as “double dipping,” you can earn rewards for every dollar you spend, and in turn, knock a few hundred dollars off your payments every year.

Small Businesses Need an Edge – TELUS Is Giving it to Them

We’re in the era where everyone’s thinking startup. Small businesses make up 98% of the approximately 1.2 million businesses across Canada. Not only does that show how important small business is to our economy, but it also shows the density of competition in trying to attract consumer attention. Add about 6,000 more active startups in the top five Canadian cities alone, and you begin to see why getting any kind of measurable advantage is essential for SMBs.

This Is Why the Future of TV Is More TV

When Netflix adds close to a million new subscribers to its platform in the same quarter that nearly a million households cut their cable, it’s easy to assume that television has seen its last days. But digging deeper into this generation’s consumption habits, the confusion of multiple platforms, and the myth of a better experience for consumers, you’ll see that streaming services haven’t quite figured out how to take down TV.

Disney ‘Play’ Is Ready to Take on Netflix — Here’s Why

What’s the point of entering the TV subscription game right now? Are you able to produce supreme, game changing content like HBO? You’ll need to create a lineup that can outdo shows like Game of Thrones, Ballers, and Insecure to stand a chance. Or maybe you’re like Amazon and believe that relying on the immense ecosystems that you’ve built is enough to leave a dent. That’s a fair assumption, and with 26 million subscribers, they’re doing pretty good.

Netflix in September — Falling into Fall

Like all great things, summer is coming to an end very soon. There are only a few short weeks left until we pack away our shorts and t-shirts, and we bring back out the parkas and sweaters.

Maybe it is just me but I feel like our Canadian summers are getting shorter (and chillier) and the winters get more frigid. Lucky for us, our friends at Netflix recognize that we will start migrating back indoors soon and blessed us with an awesome line-up this month!

Netflix in July — Canada Day, eh?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — Canada Day! And to our friends south of the border, happy 4th of July! There’s a ton of events happening around the country over the next few days and the weather, at least in Toronto, is amazing. Make sure to catch some sun, eat some barbecue, and wear red to show this beautiful country some love on its 151st birthday.

It’s also a long weekend so it’s the perfect time to sleep in, eat ice cream, and kick back and binge on the latest Netflix releases!

Netflix in June — Fab 5

It’s warming up, the trees are blooming, and school is almost out. That means it’s SUMMER! Patios, water parks, ice cream and outdoor concerts — it’s the best time to be alive in Canada!

For all you folks who want to sit around home a bit more before venturing out after your winter slumber, check out what Netflix is putting out this month!

Netflix in May — It’s a BIG Month

Canadians — we had our fair share of winter, second winter, fake spring, third winter, and half summer. It’s our turn. We’re almost there. Spring is finally here (maybe?) and this time it may be here to stay!

As bears start waking and crawling out of hibernation, it seems like our friends at Netflix have not been resting at all throughout this long and arduous winter. They keep pushing out more and more shows, and the quality keeps getting better! Let’s see what’s in store this coming month for all you Netflixers.