My 2018 Resolution – Slim down with Butter


It’s a new year, so isn’t it time for a new you?

After sitting on your couch and eating all those holiday dinners, kick-start 2018 by doing all the things that you have been putting off. The holiday season was a great time to get deals on a few memberships to help you with all these things, and January is the best time to create a better you.

  • Want to cook more and eat healthier? Consider Chef’s Plate or HelloFresh.

  • Want to get whipped into shape? It’s time to get a GoodLife or Class Pass membership.

  • Want to stay positive and motivated? Turn on Spotify or Apple Music.

  • Want to be a better fur-parent? Hook your dog up with monthly treats from Bark Box.

  • Want to de-clutter and organize all these subscriptions? Register for…wait, there’s nothing for thatuntil now!

Have you met…Butter?

Right now, we all have a growing arsenal of subscriptions and memberships, but if you’re like me, you’re too lazy to sift through emails and receipts to tally up a list.

There’s a simple fix to all of this.

Introducing Butter, one platform that organizes your subscriptions. Butter lets you see every subscription charged to your debit and credit cards, how much these cost, and other useful tidbits. Soon, you will be hooked up with amazing offers so that you pay even less on subscriptions that you already enjoy.

And best of all, you are rewarded with 1% cashback on all qualifying subscriptions, including Amazon Prime, Netflix, Spotify, Costco, Instacart, Bark Box and much more, on top of the existing rewards your cards provide.

Why not #treatyoself and get paid for it?

Why Does This Matter?

We should know because these subscriptions form a big part of our lives. Our library grows by the day but as this continues, our ability to keep track and manage falters. We no longer know what we have, how much each costs, and when to renew (or cancel!).

So, What are You Waiting for?

There’s no better way to kick off the New Year than getting more organized and getting 1% cashback for it. Isn’t it about time that you did something for yourself? This one’s easy — almost no effort is required (except for creating an account and linking your cards).

It’s easy to get started. Sign up today and #justbutterit together!