Like MoviePass for Canada, Sinemia gives Canadians 2 Movie Tickets a Month from $9.99/mo

UPDATE July 30th, 2018: We’ve just added an exclusive offer from Sinemia for Butter users that gives you an extra $1 off the monthly plan price. They have also added a lower cost 2 movie-tickets-per-month plan for $5.99/mo and a 1 movie-per-month plan for $3.99/mo — these two plans don’t include premium showings but it’s hard to beat at this price.

Okay, okay… it’s not exactly MoviePass, but Sinemia looks to be the first in the subscription movie ticket space in Canada, which is exciting! We just launched an exclusive offer with Sinemia! Check it out here!

To celebrate their launch and as a tie-in to the Oscars, they have a promo code on the page offering 2 movie tickets a month to any theatre, any movie, including premium IMAX, 4DX, DBOX, shows and more for only $9.99/mo billed annually or $10.99/mo billed monthly.

It’s regularly listed as $24.99/mo. At the discounted price, it’s quite a bargain considering in major markets like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary, you will definitely pay more than $9.99 for a single premium IMAX-like movie.

If 2 movies a month isn’t quite enough, there’s a $14.99/mo plan for 3 movie-tickets paid annually or $15.99/mo plan paid monthly. Go to the movies as a couple? The Sinemia for Two plans offer 2 x 2 tickets and 3 x 2 tickets for a dollar less than doubling the price:

  • $18.99/mo for 2 x 2 tickets paid annually

  • $20.99/mo for 2 x 2 tickets paid monthly

  • $28.99/mo for 3 x 2 tickets paid annually

  • $30.99/mo for 3 x 2 tickets paid monthly

I’ve signed up for the monthly, $10.99, 2 movie ticket plan to test this thing out. If there’s enough interest, I’ll do a full review once I use it. No word on how long this promotional offer lasts though.

How does it actually work when you want to go to a movie?

You sign up, and just like MoviePass they will send you a physical, pre-paid Mastercard debit card in the mail. The debit card can be used for purchases online, at the theatre or in the app, the same way you would typically purchase tickets. There’s no blackout dates, you can pick any theatre anywhere across the country and they show you the locations they support onsite or in their app.

Can you trust Sinemia?

Well, only time will tell as the typical business model in the subscription movie business is that they pay full price for the tickets and will try to make money through other channels with volume. If it helps, they have been around since 2014, were founded in LA, have about 350,000 users, and looks like they’re live in the UK, Turkey, US, and now Canada.

Of course, MoviePass in the US is famous for the US $9.99/mo unlimited movie tickets so this doesn’t quite match that. It is however still a great start and a sign of things to come.

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Thanks to Veronica for the tip on this offer!

Update April 5th, 2018: Here’s a customer review and a step-by-step guide for Sinemia Canada.