It’s like your birthday, every month!

There’s a subscription for everything these days, literally everything. Did you know that for $50 a month, you can get a little patch of snow shipped anywhere in the United States? There’s also another subscription that sends you a box of slime for $21 per month. That one definitely sounds like something I would buy…I mean it would only compliment my Netflix and Spotify subscriptions, right?

Industries change overnight and the subscription market is one that is riding the high. Annual growth is in the 10-folds, representing a multi-billion dollar global industry. Consumers want subscriptions for their convenience and curation, and retailers want this business model for its recurring revenue and brand building abilities. Everyone and their long-lost cousin can create a Shopify page to capitalize on this trend, and it’s relatively easy to do these days. Simply find a box, put a bunch of stuff in it, and sell it for $19.99/month. Someone will buy it, seriously.

The list of subscriptions grows every day. You want a box of breakfast fooddelivered to you weekly? There’s something for that. Does a box of survival and tactical gear sound enticing? That’s also a thing. I did a quick Google search and found these oddly specific and unique things that you can subscribe to:

  • Doggie Lawn — monthly patch of grass for all your dog’s pooping needs

  • Apocabox — monthly box of survival tools and gear for World War Z and Walking Dead situations

  • TenderBelly — Bacon of the Month!

  • Skulls Unlimited — monthly deliveries of skulls, teeth and claws for…not sure

  • Crated with Love — monthly box of spontaneous date night items

If you are seeking the feeling of anticipation and surprise, check one of these out. Let’s face it — it isn’t exciting to just have Netflix and Spotify anymore…everyone has these already. Buying new subscriptions online is easier than ever — simply add to cart, punch in a credit card number, and every month, you get a fancy box of stuff sent to your door. It’s like your birthday — every month! Take a chance and try something new, because who doesn’t like coming home to a box of surprise bacon!

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